Industrial Controls Update: August

100E Contactors, Swift-E, and Safety Edge

Swift-E™ is a new type of sensor based on 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology that allows measuring the height of...Read more.

Industrial Controls Update: September

1606 Power Supplies, 450L-E Light Curtain, ControlTower 856T 70mm Tower Light System

9 NEW SKUs in XLB! Cost-effective Power Supplies (building on existing 1606-XLB120E & 1606-XLB240E...Read more.

Industrial Controls Update: October

Capacitive Sensors 875C/CP, NEMA 300 Combo and Non-Combo Starters and Pump Panels, ROK Talk Podcast

This Catalog Line of sensors is now scheduled for discontinuation June 1st, 2021 and the new replacement for these...Read more.

Industrial Controls Update: November

931 Signal Conditioners, 700-HL Terminal Block Relays, 42AF RightSight

Eliminates ground loop/noise-induced errors in-process measurements through high levels of galvanic...Read more. 

Industrial Controls Update: December

855F Product Lifecycle Announcement, SafeZone™ Safety Laser Scanners, 440P 30 mm Metal Safety Limit Switches

The 855F 70mm Preassembled Tower Light will be discontinued June 30, 2021. We are recommending that all 855F...Read more.

Industrial Controls Update: January 2021

SensaGuard Non-contact Interlock Switches, Lifeline 5 Cable Pull Switches, Lifeline 5 Cable Pull Switches

Feature the latest generation of RFID technology for coding and inductive technology for sensing...Read more.

Simplify your journey to modern asset maintenance

Whether you’re looking to organize assets and manage work, or connect to business systems and make data-driven decisions, Fiix partners...Read more.