CCP250 Aug 20-24, 2018 | Logix 5000 Programmer Certificate

August 20 - August 24
Course Length: 4 days
Registration Deadline: August 10th

Course Purpose: 

This accelerated course is for individuals who can quickly learn and apply Logix5000™ concepts, terminology, hardware, and the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® programming environment. You will quickly move from these early concepts to using producer/consumer technology and messages to multicast input and output devices, share data between controllers, and control remote I/O. This course prepares you for the Accelerated Logix5000 Programmer Certificate Course Level 1 certificate exam, which is included in the course price. Along with new material and labs, this course contains lessons from courses CCP146, CCP151, and CCP143 – in an accelerated five-day format. Do not take all three courses in addition to this one.

Who Should Attend? 

Ideal course attendees are those who are responsible for programming Logix5000 controllers using the Studio 5000 Logix Designer application or need to learn how to draft ladder logic for any application.


To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisites are required.

-Completion of a least one Rockwell Automation Logix5000 course in the last two years (course completed on or after 3/31/2016).

-Pursuing a Logix5000 Certificate for Programmers. 



CEUs Awarded: 3.5