CCP299: Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 1: ControlLogix Fundamentals and Troubleshooting

March 22 - March 26
Course Length: 4.5
Registration Deadline: March 8, 2021

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to troubleshoot a previously operational ControlLogix® system and restore normal operation.

You will have the opportunity to develop and practice these skills by:

• Learning basic concepts and terminology used with:

– ControlLogix system hardware

– Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application

• Practicing a systematic strategy for diagnosing and troubleshooting problems:

– Configuration issues

– Electrical noise

– Faulty/malfunctioning field devices

– Controller I/O, or other hardware issues

• Performing hands-on exercises All Logix5000™ systems use the same control engine; therefore, tasks are similar. You will see applicable references for other systems