7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using LEDs

Making a switch from incandescent to LEDs can be a tough decision. Not sure how the switch will help you or your company? Worried about money? Not sure how it works? Here are seven things you need to know.

Save Money. When you think about switching to LEDs, you have to see LEDs as a long-term investment. Yes, it may be more expensive than your traditional incandescent lighting but the payback over the years will be worth it.

Lifetime. Thermal management is the key to the longevity of lighting. Traditional incandescent bulbs will usually burn out or fail, while LED bulbs will slowly just dim slowly over time. Why? Because LEDs are more efficient in converting energy to light. LEDs can last up to 10 years, sometimes even longer before you have to replace them.

Energy savings. How do LEDs save energy? Unlike other traditional lighting options, LEDs are directional light sources. Directional light sources are more energy efficient because they emit light in a specific location. Energy efficiency comes with big money savings over the years.

Heat. LEDs thermal management is the key to its durability during the years. Like we mentioned earlier, LEDs will slowly dim over time rather than burn out. Why? With the help of heat sinks, heat is absorbed and prevents LEDs from overheating and burning out like other traditional lighting options.

Maintenance savings. What better way to save money than avoiding maintenance costs. Thanks to the longevity of LEDs, the replacement of bulbs is minimal. Spend less time and money on replacements.

Customizable. With LEDs, you have the option to be more flexible with light direction, fixtures, color temperatures and dimming capabilities. No matter what kind of project you might be working on, LEDs allow you to have greater flexibility with your property options.

Asset value. All these great benefits give a great monetary value to LEDs. When you make the switch to LEDs your property value increases. The efficiency that comes from energy savings and maintenance savings will significantly increase the value of your property for years.


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