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Industrial Controls Update – August 2020

Brett Bockholt8/4/2020

Stay in the know about the latest new products and tools offered by Rockwell Automation for sensor, safety, and industrial controls. Read our August 2020 components update below.

100E Contactor

Cutting costs? Modern contactors are now designed to save you money. Why not reduce your cost when building your panel and enjoy the new features that come with modern contactors. One of the best features is a wide-range electronic, universal coil, with low power consumption coils that will take 67 coils codes to 9. You can have an average of 40% reduction in power requirements compared to legacy contactors. Another great benefit of migrating to modern contactors like the 100E is the cost savings that come with a smaller and lighter contactor. With an average of 25% smaller in width than legacy products and 50% lighter in weight, it saves significant savings in panel space. Lastly, modern contactors are now certified globally, saving you labor costs in the design stage of choosing a contactor.

Swift-E 3D sensor

Swift-E™ is a new type of sensor based on 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology that allows measuring the height of, or the distance to, multiple objects at the same time. One of the key features is the built-in software. With it, there is no need for additional computing hardware because all the processing is in the device. Swift-E can also store up to 255 different templates, each with up to 64 virtual sensing zones of user-defined shape. These templates can be instantly recalled over the EtherNet/IP interface – allowing the controller to define the sensing profile in use at any time.


The Safedge™ sensitive edge sensing system is ideal as a safety sensor in applications such as power-operated doors, automated vehicles, moving machinery beds, etc., for use when objects are detected by touch. It can provide a continuous line of high sensitivity touch sensing along or around practically anything. The ability of the Safedge™ profile to outperform competition lies in its innovative design. It uses a combination of non-conductive rubber and flexible wire-cored conductive rubber bonded together so it keeps bouncing back into shape even after repeated compressions. Features include:

  • Various profiles
  • Conductive rubber technology
  • Up to 50 m lengths
  • Aluminum, plastic or zinc-coated steel mounting rails
  • Rubber boot optional
  • Active corners
  • Sealing lip available

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