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Do you need an Installed Base Evaluation?


If you are having trouble managing spare parts inventory and need help with field collection, processing data, and delivery, then an IBE is right for you. We will provide you with a plant analysis, a detailed report of spare parts inventory, and a lifecycle analysis that includes risk assessment segmented to highlight the most critical processes. 


  • Do you have adequate spare parts, know which parts are current, outdated, or obsolete, and have a plan for your critical assets?
  • Do you want to lower costs by reducing excessive inventory, increase uptime and mitigating risk, and have a path to modernizing your equipment?

let us help

It’s an easy 3-step process - 1. Field data collection, 2. Processing Data, 3. Delivery

Field collection
We work with you during the site visit to collect all data about your electrical and mechanical installed base - whether the product has an Allen-Bradley® logo on it, or not.

Processing data
Using customized software, our analysis helps you better understand your plant’s lifecycle risk, and overall MRO inventory status.

Your final report will include powerful tools listing plant hierarchy, corporate risk, and adequate parts inventory to minimize critical downtime. We’ll discuss solutions that are going to be most effective in helping you improve plant performance.

What do you get?

Plant Analysis
Detailed report of BOM by area, department, line up, down to machine level panel, and installed part catalog numbers. Also notes the environmental condition of each.

Summary of onsite spare parts. Detailed report of active, inactive, and excess spare parts. Recommendations of stocking levels based MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) based on the site-specific plant hours of operation.

Lifecycle Analysis
Risk assessment by catalog number, or by line, down to machine level. Let’s the customer define which processes are the most critical.

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