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Need a Drive Startup?


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mid-Coast Electric Supply wants you to know we're here for you. Provide us with your motor specifications, any I/O configurations, communication protocol, etc. and we’ll send you a pre-programmed drive. The drive will come programmed to your specifications, will have all pre-op checks completed and be ready to install. Just fill out the questionnaire, provide your contact information, salesperson's name, and email it to [email protected] The drive will then be delivered to your site, and it will come with a two-year warranty.

*Applies to 520 Series and 750 Series up to Frame size 7 only. This offer excludes 755T series drives.

Drive Startup Cost (All Mid-Coast Locations): 

520 Series:


750 series:

$1,050.00 (Frames 1-5)

$1,320.00 (Frames 6-7)

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Contact us or reach out to your sales representative to your drive programmed and started up.