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Mid-Coast Electric Supply has invested in digital solutions to making doing business with us even easier. Our new website and other sales-enabling tools have brought visibility and productivity to the next level.


Making business with us simpler and more efficient, the new mcesi.com will save you time and money. Featured upgrades include the enhanced account dashboard and visibility to order status with proof of delivery. Our new website is a time-saving tool, developed with our customers in mind! Take back time and contribute to your bottom line by creating an online account with us today.


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the structured transmission of electronic documents. Mid-Coast Electric Supply supports nearly all standard transaction sets. A large portion of our transactions with customers and suppliers are processed using EDI.

Infor Cloud Suite Distribution

Infor Cloud Suite Distribution is the industry leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system software enabling Mid-Coast Electric Supply to automate business-critical functions throughout our related supply chain. It includes financial, logistics, inventory, and sales management applications that make communications and reporting flow productively between all our partners – among suppliers, customers, and vendors alike.

EPOD & DQ Routing

Similar to FedEx and UPS, Mid-Coast Electric Supply uses E-POD enabling us to capture the delivery of our product wirelessly, so our system is updated at the time of delivery to our customers. Our sales team can access this tool to view what time the material was signed for, and who signed for it. E-POD eliminates the outdated process of searching for hardcopy proofs. All orders are signed for upon delivery and uploaded to your invoice with the signature on the packing list. DQ Routing allows us to advance route for more accurate ETA and provide next day delivery locally.


Mid-Coast Electric Supply specializes in creating orders and providing a copy designed to the customer’s specified outline and logo. E-Quote creates the customer P.O. and packing list in an electronic format, which prompts a three-way match from our system that the customer uses to process the order. E-quotes from us are created automatically, not re-entered. This procedure keeps paperwork consistent – from our back office to the project site.


Total Warehouse Logistics gives each of the Mid-Coast Electric Supply warehouses custom barcoding functionality. Every single product is traceable from the moment it enters our dock to the time it is delivered to your site.