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We will guide you on the journey to Industry 4.0 by understanding your logical and physical network and its weak points, then proposing a qualified solution. First, we deep dive by performing comprehensive network and security assessments. We then propose strategic solutions by blending the greatest technology with expert engineering to design your network up to industry standards. Aligned with industry-leading technology partners, Mid-Coast Electric Supply offers a full portfolio of industrial networking products and services to securely link automation devices across your plant and throughout your organization.

Network Design

Our team of networking experts can assist you with the engineering piece of planning and design to ensure the needs of your industrial network are met. We look over drawings and understand your functionality requirements to propose a network design customized for you. 

  • A network design tailored to your businses that can increase in scale as needed
  • Integration into your existing enterprise network
  • Built-in security assurance to protect your infrastructure from cyber threats

Network Assessments

Do you know what assets you have on your network? What types of risks is your facility network taking on? Partnered with Rockwell Automation and Panduit, our Standard Network Assessment service assists you with evaluating current network architectures for performance, documentation, and expansion planning.

  • Determine the improvements to focus on first when you start updating your network
  • Learn about your options to segment your network to enhance performance and security
  • Ensure reliability by prioritizing network uptime
  • Reports on major network components - physical, logical, and security-based

Network Security

Cybersecurity is key. We provide Security Posture Surveys to advise on vulnerabilities that could threaten your plant network, performance, and documentation. The first step to reducing cyber risk and prioritizing the security of your operations is a Security Posture Survey.

  • A complete view of your network’s existing state: server, networks, storage solutions, and supporting hardware
  • Mapping your assets to make sure communications are behaving as expected 
  • Determine vulnerabilities to eliminate security incidents
  • Best practices for operations and security from industry experts

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