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Remanufacturing and Repair

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer, Rockwell Automation takes the repair of their products to the highest standard and quality level. Through their ISO-certified remanufacturing process, every component is inspected and tested, firmware is upgraded, and each repaired unit is tested to make sure it meets the same standards as a new product. Technicians will even replace aging or outdated parts to extend equipment life and prevent future failure. Reduce the risk of grey market counterfeit components, get your warranty renewed, meet OEM specifications, and get a cosmetic clean-up along the way by choosing to remanufacture instead of buying new. Mid-Coast Electric Supply Inc. also handles repairs for third-party suppliers.

Delivering Value at Every Step

1. Verify - the unit is identified by its catalog number, series, and revision data to look deeper at its return authorization and warranty

2. Update - the unit is disassembled and cleaned, then updated with the latest firmware and hardware

3. Replace components - individual parts are inspected and tested up to standard, then faulty or outdated parts are proactively replaced

4. Testing - use OEM test equipment to verify performance and load output

5. Environmental Test - in some cases, the facility will test your product to make sure it performs the same in extreme applications that are hot or humid

6. Final Quality Check - ensure all steps have been completed, then cosmetically clean the equipment

7. Ship - original accessories can be added to the secure shipment

Remanufacturing Services on Allen-Bradley Products: OEM Quality

Why choose remanufacturing?

Savings: Rockwell Automation will track new product warranties and help save thousands on your repair costs by offering several service level options

Warranty:  every remanufactured unit (not just the replaced/repair parts) comes back under a minimum 12-month warranty

OEM Testing: using proprietary OEM equipment, the remanufactured unit is put to the test to ensure it can perform like new, even in extreme applications

Assurance: Rockwell Automation is the only provider authorized to service OEM-specified products

Logistics: secure shipping with accessories included and next-day air exchange is available

Remanufactured: outdated and faulty parts will be updated with the latest firmware revisions (only the OEM can perform this)

Security: protects you from counterfeit components

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To discuss which repair service level is right for you, or to get pricing on an individual repair, please contact us.

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