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Regardless of the industry, electrical hazards can put everyone in a work environment at risk. Implementing a safety program is crucial to avoid accidents and downtime. Let us show you how to improve electrical safety on your plant floor.

lockout tagout (LOTO)

Lockout/Tagout programs aim to protect employees from electrical exposure on the job. LOTO policies and procedures ensure that only qualified people are working on systems by putting equipment under lock and tag. By following a comprehensive LOTO structure, employees will be trained to ensure that whenever possible, the electrical equipment is brought to zero energy before starting work. OSHA requires lockout/tagout compliance for all companies located in the United States.


Make sure your employees have a way to monitor and document lockout/tagout procedures with ScanESC software from Rockwell Automation. Achieve a safe work environment, compliance with government regulations, and be ready for any audit by investing in this digital tool.

Identify and Evaluate Risk

The first step to working towards a safer workplace is a risk assessment. Mid-Coast Electric Supply, partnered with Rockwell Automation, can evaluate your safety procedures to make sure they are up to industry standard and compliant with all OSHA, legal, and company policies. A Safety Assessment includes machine & process evaluations, facility audits to ensure emergency lighting is up to standard, team safety training, LOTO solution recommendations, and arc flash studies. Contact us today to request a safety consult today!


Mid-Coast Electric Supply can assist in Arc Flash Program Management, helping you to effectively and efficiently keep your team safe and your facility in compliance. Our experienced team will conduct an arc flash study so your team knows what to do in the event of an arc flash and understand how to proactively prevent dangers from live equipment.