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Workforce Development & Training

Skilled labor can be difficult to find within the industrial world, as evolving technologies and smaller staffs are making it more difficult to keep important skills in-house. We can provide training solutions on a variety of topics through subject matter experts from our trusted partners.

virtual coaching

What is Virtual Coaching?

Virtual training sessions with a Rockwell Automation specialist allow you to discuss technology-specific scenarios, improve your technical expertise, or expand upon your e-learning experience. You can ask questions and get information on topics specific to your job.

Technology topics include: Logix, Motion, Drives, Visualization, Networks, and Safety.

Affordable & Convenient.

Select a session of up to 8 hours for 1:1 coaching or virtual groups. Get the same level of knowledge transfer for either an individual session or a group of up to 6 students at the same cost. Log on from wherever you have an internet connection.

Virtual sessions with Rockwell Automation specialists provide customized, informal discussions and assistance that go beyond class.

Virtual Coaching is...

  • Connected by tools such as Microsoft Teams
  • Informal Q and A or topical guidance on technology
  • Virtual show and tell
  • Discussion of results from using best practices
  • Guidance to other resources that can support technical skill building

Virtual Coaching is not...

  • Training - no course materials or hands-on labs with workstations will be provided
  • Application-specific support
  • A formalized agenda driven session
  • A learning experience for large groups
  • A substitute for other training efforts to shrink workforce skills gaps

Looking for more information or need a Virtual Coaching quote? Check out the Virtual Coaching FAQ or contact us today.

certificate programs

Certificate Programs offer professional education to help you develop and apply your technical skills and knowledge to your plant systems to improve quality, efficiency, and productivity. The programs are intended for maintenance or programming professionals who want to stay ahead of the competition, accelerate their skills and knowledge using the latest automation control technology, and earn professional recognition and credits through a formal education program.

Ready to get started? Contact us to enroll in the certificate program courses, then track and complete your course requirements and final assessment within a 12-month time frame.