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Nothing Lasts Forever

Converting PLC-5 Controllers and 1771 I/O to ControlLogix

PLC5 Migration to ControlLogix

Why Modernize to ControlLogix?

The PLC-5® programmable logic controller has been a valuable part of our portfolio for more than 30 years. But no technology can last forever. Now is the time to modernize your control system to the Rockwell Automation® ControlLogix® platform. This high performance platform allows you to converge your production disciplines (discrete, motion, process and safety), including extreme environments and high availability applications, into an integrated plant-wide architecture that enables you to achieve a connected enterprise. Information shared between Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) across a secure network enables:  

• Greater production visibility, for quicker response to customer demand 

• Higher profit margins through improved inventory management, cycle times and quality control 

• Improved capacity and asset utilization, leading to greater Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)  

• Regulatory compliance and reduced exposure to security risks 

ControlLogix Benefits

Migrating to the ControlLogix family of programmable automation controllers (PAC) allows you to leverage advancements in technology that provide access to information for more informed business decisions, faster performance for more throughput and more memory. The ControlLogix platform improves ease-of-use and enables scalability via a common control engine in a single development environment that helps eliminate the need for multiple discrete control systems.

June 2017 Projected End Of Life

Evaluating Options: Planning your migration

As you plan your PLC-5 migration, there are several options to help mitigate the growing risk of operating obsolete equipment:

  • Last Time Buy Options
  • Lifecycle Extension Agreements
  • Remanufacturing Services

To learn more, contact our Midcoast Automation Team or your local Midcoast Representative. Download a PLC-5 Controllers and 1771 I/O to ControlLogix Migration Brochure here. 

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