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Responding to the challenges of food, beverage and other industries where high-pressure, caustic wash-downs can challenge even the most robust push buttons, Rockwell Automation introduces the 800K push button line. 

Customers said they needed a solution that could:  

• Minimize production loss due to cleaning procedures  

• Minimize frequent replacement due to corrosion  

• Minimize bacteria growth potential from crevices  

• UL Certified product for industrial panel 

These 22.5 and 30.5 mm push buttons represent an innovative rethinking of push button technology and its industrial applications. They use a potted piezoelectric circuit in an SAE grade 316 stainless-steel body and achieve an IP69K rating. The piezoelectric circuit detects pressure on the surface of the button to provide a momentary actuation signal with no moving parts. A smooth, crevice-free button surface is the result. 

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Allen Bradley 800K Family

IP69K Rating

• Protected against close-range high pressure, high temperature caustic wash 
• Ideal for food, beverage and similar application environments 

316 Stainless-steel 

• Corrosion resistant to caustic wash-down solutions 

Smooth, Crevice-free Surface

• Easier to clean 
• Minimizes areas on the button in which contaminates can potentially be lodged 

No Moving Parts

• By using piezoelectric technology, moving seals and crevices can be eliminated from the push button, avoiding potential sources for failure 

Potted Circuit

• Helps prevent fluids from corroding operator components 
• Provides an additional barrier of protection 

Certifications and Standards

• UL508 
• CSA 
• EN IEC 60947 
• ECOLAB chemical resistance 

Custom Laser Engraving

• Avoids potentially contaminate trapping legend plates 

• Provides flexibility to address a wide range of applications

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