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Asset Management

Mid-Coast Electric Supply Inc. is here to help you maximize your resources, ROI, and the value of your automation machinery. Optimizing storeroom inventory, decreasing mean time to repair (MTTR), and managing your modernization journey – we have services and programs designed to assist you. Our experts will help you make tough decisions with data-supported recommendations that follow industry standards.

Facility Assessments

In order to maximize productivity and make impactful decisions, you need an accurate, detailed analysis of your facility. Mid-Coast Electric Supply offers a variety of consulting services to help make sure you are on track for success.  

Network Assessment: The journey to industry 4.0 is changing rapidly and knowing what to prioritize is essential. Our networking experts will compare current network architectures against industry standards for performance, documentation, and expansion planning.

Safety Assessment: Partnered with Rockwell Automation, we offer a range of consultative safety services, including machine evaluation, team training, process design, and more. Ensure your operation is up to code and ready for audits by requesting a safety assessment from Mid-Coast Electric Supply.

Installed Base Evaluation

Installed Base Evaluation

No matter your industry, determining what spare parts you need, what equipment is running in your plant, and how to plan modernization projects is a challenge. The Installed Base Evaluation™, or IBE, is an assessment designed to gather the information needed for these decisions. Our specialized team collects information from your facility and storeroom, then lays out a detailed recommendation for spare parts and equipment updates.

parts management agreement

Does your storeroom have enough spares to support your critical infrastructure? The Parts Management Agreement, or PMA, is a Rockwell Automation vendor-managed inventory service created to reduce inventory carrying costs while making spare parts available when you need them. Storeroom inventory can take a lot of resources to manage, yet the cost of the downtime caused by not having the correct spares can be even larger. With a PMA, inventory owned by Rockwell Automation is stored at your facility for a fixed fee, giving you access to spares faster without increasing inventory balances.

About Fiix

Simplify your journey to modern asset maintenance.


Fiix by Rockwell Automation is a cloud-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) with a proven track record of modernizing maintenance in the industrial segment. Fiix CMMS has excelled at streamlining outdated processes to reduce downtime by managing work orders, reporting on asset performance, and predicting the spare parts needed before a breakdown happens. Change from reactive to predictive maintenance by implementing a CMMS.

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